This picture was taken at one of the stores in San Fransisco that
Mandy and I were at on one of our trips to the city with the family. She found this hat and put it on and I thought that it was cute but she did not want to buy it so I asked her to let me take a picture of her in it. I love this picture!

Mandy would love to spend the day with me going shopping and we would have a blast! She would bring what she called girl power music and we would blast it loud and have fun dancing in the car and singing along with it as we drove. She would look over at me and say "I love shopping with you mom". Even now I can look to my right and see her looking at me with her great smile and telling me this. My heart is happy with this memory but also in pain knowing that I can no longer here enjoy any more trips to the store with her and that is hard pain.

Every day I wake and each night I sleep I think about my sweet baby girl. The void in my life is extremely painful and very hard to endure on most days but, I get up each day and face it with the best of my ability and hope to get through each day the best that I can knowing that is what she would want me to do.

I Love you baby girl!


  1. Oh good, I can finally leave a comment! This is a great photo, Eva and a sweet story. I know you miss her deeply but telling these stories is a great way to keep her memory alive. I appreciate the blog and your stories about Mandy & Joe & even the spider! Hugs & kisses!


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