Our Trip to Virginia City 2008

Mandy was getting a little tired of me telling her to smile... So this time it was a raspberry I
got, we had such a great day on this Saturday, it was just before she started her treatments for brain cancer and we had went to the salon and put really nice color in her hair, she loved it
My baby girl.............I miss you with all my heart and soul

Mandy in front of the Silver Dollar Queen

Mandy was talking to her cuz and I kept saying turn around so I can get a picture and she yells, "I am talking!" so I yelled back smile, and LOL, this is what I got.....she yells "fine"!

Grammy, and poppy taking a break for a minute

This is one of the wheel axles for the train, they were trying to pick it up

Mandy on the back of the train that took us around the city and to the silver mines. What a breath taking day that was. The air was clean and the day was cool enough to really enjoy it

Looking out the window at the first stop we made

This picture was snapped inside the tunnel the train went into. It was pitch black! you could not see anything at all and I thought what would a picture look like if I took one. I LOVE THIS ONE.
It is one of my favorites of all times next to her profile pic from pacifica

This is the tunnel we went through when I took that picture

Me, Mandy and Caleb

Amanda Loved sun glasses and she was always on the hunt for a good pair, these ones we found for her. They have what she called "BLING" on the side, she was so happy when she got them.

This was a wall made to look like a jail and it was so fun to take pictures here. Joe and Amanda found this sign in a store there and Joe and Mandy decided that they had to have it

Mandy's Love of her life, Caleb.

Mandy was a great joker! We always had a great time together notice the look on her face? I busted up when I got home to see the pictures, I never seen the look she did till we got home! I love it she really knew how to make us all laugh

We were walking down the sidewalks at Virginia City and there was this candy shop and Mandy jumped up and down and exclaimed, "Mom take a picture of me by the candy" She was always full of life and fun at any opportunity there was she took full advantage of the fun


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