A missing piece of my heart

Sitting here looking at this picture takes me back to San Fransisco 2008 a couple months after my daughter was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

She and her husband took us to the Rain Forest Cafe and all around the wharf and Pier 39.
She was so happy to to show us around that day telling us about all the great times that she had when she went there with her husband, brother and his girlfriend.

She was a very happy woman all of the time. Always trying to make sure that everyone was comfortable and needed for nothing. When we went all together that day she wanted the day to be perfect for Joe and I because it was the first time that we had all gone there together and the day was really fun! I will never forget it. I found a lot of very interesting people there and we had fun watching them LOL.

We took a lot of pictures that day and I am so very glad that I did because now the pictures are treasures to us.

I miss my baby girl so much that the pain is some days more than I can take but I have a great support group that takes really good care of me and I feel very blessed that they do!


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