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What a morning this was! The sun rise was unbelievable but the Pict's don't do it justice!


What a glorious sun rise

A great sun rise

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What a great day we had in Pacifica at the Light House Inn. It sits right on the beach and you can see if from your window and even at the cafe you have a ocean view while you are eating. Oh, what a day
This picture was taken at one of the stores in San Fransisco that Mandy and I were at on one of our trips to the city with the family. She found this hat and put it on and I thought that it was cute but she did not want to buy it so I asked her to let me take a picture of her in it. I love this picture!
Mandy would love to spend the day with me going shopping and we would have a blast! She would bring what she called girl power music and we would blast it loud and have fun dancing in the car and singing along with it as we drove. She would look over at me and say "I love shopping with you mom". Even now I can look to my right and see her looking at me with her great smile and telling me this. My heart is happy with this memory but also in pain knowing that I can no longer here enjoy any more trips to the store with her and that is hard pain.
Every day I wake and each night I sleep I think about my sweet baby girl. The void in my life is extremely painful and very hard to endur…

Vinita D. Acree

My sweet Grandmama, I miss her so much! She was a great big influence in my life. She taught me a lot about the way things are suppose to be done in life with things, people and love.
I remember the many times she would say this is a lot easier than the way we used to do something or the other when she was young and she was right. You know when you hear someone say they had a hard life but it just made them stronger? Well that was my grandmother. She did what she needed to do to get along in life.
I remember asking her the question of did you ever ride in a horse and buggy?, and she looked at me and smiled. Her comment was that she did ride in a horse and buggy but she did not remember it to much. But the part that she did remember was doing the laundry at the river on rocks. She told us that we had it easy using the washers because she was not able to use them when she was growing up. I remember rolling my eyes when she turned around because I was thinking that it would have been mor…
I have the best husband in the world! We will have been married thirty years in November and our love is the one thing in life that is the only constant that I can count on. This picture was taken at one of the many high school mini reunions they have at his old high school. I love the great smile he has

This picture was taken at the Light House Inn at Pacifica

Joe, He is always cracking a joke when we take pictures

I love this picture. It was taken at church just before he became Santa Clause

and the french fry basket made into a hockey mask! never a dull moment in my life with him beside me! I love the exitment he brings into my life

Black Widow Spider and her baby sack

This lovely spider was on my back porch last week. EW! She is huge! Look at the size of her baby sack. I have so many this year all over my back there a yard for sale sign that I am not seeing here????

Our Trip to Virginia City 2008

Mandy was getting a little tired of me telling her to smile... So this time it was a raspberry I
got, we had such a great day on this Saturday, it was just before she started her treatments for brain cancer and we had went to the salon and put really nice color in her hair, she loved it
My baby girl.............I miss you with all my heart and soul

Mandy in front of the Silver Dollar Queen

Mandy was talking to her cuz and I kept saying turn around so I can get a picture and she yells, "I am talking!" so I yelled back smile, and LOL, this is what I got.....she yells "fine"!

Grammy, and poppy taking a break for a minute

This is one of the wheel axles for the train, they were trying to pick it up

Mandy on the back of the train that took us around the city and to the silver mines. What a breath taking day that was. The air was clean and the day was cool enough to really enjoy it

Looking out the window at the first stop we made

This picture was snapped inside the tunnel the trai…

My Man

My man I love him with my whole heart, soul and life. He is such a great person he takes such great care of me and our family! He makes sure that we are in no need for anything and he will do anything that it takes to get it for us even if he has to sacrifice his own needs! What better love than that can you give?

Sweet smiles


Breakfast at the Pacific Street Cafe

Our children took us to breakfast this morning at the Pacific Street Cafe in Roseville. It was a very pleasing morning. There is nothing like the best company with great food and atmosphere. It was the first time we have been out all together since our daughter passed. It was different with out her, I guess there will be many times that I will have to do things like this. I met a woman who lost her child, he was thirty when he passed. She told me that the pain and sorrow does not go away but it gets to the point that you can go on each day in a easier way. Right now I am still concentrating on getting up each day. But today was really nice we had Cassandra with us and she is always a lot of fun to be around. She is one of those people that you want to be around because she is always laughing and having fun. She always has great ideas and pretty much knows everything. I am really happy that we have her in our life she is very sweet!

A missing piece of my heart

Sitting here looking at this picture takes me back to San Fransisco 2008 a couple months after my daughter was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.
She and her husband took us to the Rain Forest Cafe and all around the wharf and Pier 39.She was so happy to to show us around that day telling us about all the great times that she had when she went there with her husband, brother and his girlfriend.
She was a very happy woman all of the time. Always trying to make sure that everyone was comfortable and needed for nothing. When we went all together that day she wanted the day to be perfect for Joe and I because it was the first time that we had all gone there together and the day was really fun! I will never forget it. I found a lot of very interesting people there and we had fun watching them LOL.
We took a lot of pictures that day and I am so very glad that I did because now the pictures are treasures to us.
I miss my baby girl so much that the pain is some days more than I can take bu…
YEAH! My sister is here! nice to see you sweetie
Started my blog today and am looking forward to the experience!