Thursday, May 21, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

Part two of my "people" thankful list
~ You two have had a pretty tough life, I am sorry for that. What I see in you today are two that have not only over come the bad but have used that to your advantage! Today you two are pillars of strength to those who need you, and a kind gentleness to those who may be in need of your special talents. Living life to the best of your abilities you embrace many and name even more your brothers and sisters. With smiles on your faces you love unconditionally and you treat everyone with great respect! I am very proud of you and just thinking of you two makes my heart smile! I love you both

~ I cannot say enough about you dear one, but I will try a bit! I see you as if standing on the top of a hill but you are alone, sword in one hand, gentleness in the other. Although you feel you must travel this life alone let me say you do not. I am here for you! You do for yours what you see needs to be done in spite of the fact that your body rebels against you. I have witnessed time and time again your generosity, willingness to do what it takes, daily and long hours doing what is needed for assistance and after having worked a full day first. Days started before the sun wakes and then well after it's gone down to assist in that sweet little angels physical issues and more. Where you've been and where you are now is astounding and I stand in awe of you my dear one! You are an example to me of service, charity and love. I love you my dear one

~ My little sweet angel, dearest little one. You make my heart full of love for you. In your short span of life you have had to endure much that no one should have to endure. When ever I am blessed to be with you I am struck by the pure joy, love and happiness you have for life, life as you know it. Your sweetness of heart and genuine love for those around you is infectious. You have a thankfulness of heart that I have never seen in one so small! You are happy just to share moments of time with someone that you love and that is all you need for that space of time. If I could be half the person that you are I would improve in life a hundred fold... Even though you've not been on earth very long I hold you as an example to me of pureness, tenderness, undiluted and ever accepting of everyone with all their faults still loving them in spite of any flaws. And dare I say Christ like! I imagine that is what I would be loved like, accepted like and held dear. I love you my sweet little angel

# 230 Having you all in my life

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

B_ _ _ _ _ _ Y... You know that thing that comes once a year whether you want it to or not

So on this day... (Shh we will pretend just another regular day) I did what I like to do best! Take Pictures... And... well laundry because I can't go around in my bday suit even if my bday, and packing things up for storage, and grocery shopping, and cleaning, and taking the dogs out, and a wee bit of rest but the best was a walkabout in my back yard taking pictures... I love taking pictures. So here are pictures of how I spent this day...
 The line up of books I've been reading so far this year. Below is the one I loved the most
My Mothers Tear
 One of our weathered house numbers

 A refreshing bit of rain
 My baby aloe
 The home where our oldest dog stays when outside
 Green is my favorite color! Do I need to say why?
This little bird landed here and started singing to me! He must have known it was that day and was making me happy with his sweet songs... You know the one... that one that only comes once a year lol

The drought has taken a toll on our vegetation this year... The new growth is dying before it gets a chance to grow
Beautiful wild flowers (weeds)

 Reclaimed wood for a couple projects
 Heart Rocks
I told my baby girl that every time I find a heart rock I know that she is sending me love from above! Today I found three. I have been looking for almost a year without finding one and today of all days I found three! She is sending me extra love today

 Sun Bathing
Lovely Weather on this special of days... My most favorite kind of weather

A very Happy day for me over all

Monday, May 18, 2015

Unknown Flowers

I came across these flowers in Elko Nevada and really love them! They are purple and purple was Mandy's favorite color. I want to find out what they are and plant them around the house. I have spent a couple days trying to figure out what they are but with no luck. A girlfriend said they are "Colombian Monkshood" but that is not right. Any Ideas? They grow in bushes and are a cold climate plant. One week before I took this picture it snowed and they still thrived.

Update 5-19-2015 I submitted my picture to here Watler Reeves and I think they found out what it is! They think it may be a "Baptisia" looking at the internet it could be. They also told me to look up "Psorothamnus Schottii...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Granny's Box of Papers

In 1943 My gran or gramps not sure who looks like it could have been my gramps, had surgery performed and the bill totaled $16.65 Crazy right? Today $16.65 would be worth around $224.69 with inflation. My hospital stay in January makes that bill look like one penny today

The room; was 4.00 a day,
Mine; was around 3,000.00
The; surgery was 10.00
Mine; no surgery but complicated testing was around 5,000.00
The labs; were 2.50
Mine; were about 1,000.00

The total and itemized services fit on one page
Mine were in a "war and peace" sized envelope I spent a week reading and still do not know what it all means! (I exaggerate a bit) 

So simple... no book of itemized charges... no insurance figured in and best of all extremely inexpensive considering what we have to pay today for services.

Gran kept some of her bills... after all my bills are paid I toss the invoices... She kept this one, I would not know how much things cost for her if she had not kept this... Humm I think I need to evaluate things kept and tossed here for my grandchildren to see in the future... 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

A Thankful list about some people in my life. I won't embarrass them by sharing their name but if you think a piece is about you!.... Then your probably right

~ When you were small my heart melted. When you laughed I laughed until tears came. Watching the wonder and amazement cross your face when you experienced new things made me experience them all over again through your eyes. I fell in love over and over again and just when my heart could not hold any more love for you it grew and grew allowing even more love flowing over and out and covering the entire earth spilling over into the universes for you. A piece of my heart and soul abides in you... I'm proud of you... of the person you grew to be. The way you live your life... The way you take care of the people in your sphere. I am proud of the way you show compassion and care for those who are all around you and the gentle soul you grew into be! I love you with all my heart, soul, might, mind and strength and every breath I take... I will forever love you! heart of my heart

~ You stood by me, held my hand, guided me through the deepest most darkest place and time in my life and am still here. You continually give until you have no more and then somehow find more to give. You not only hold me up but many others as well with the wisdom from your own life's experiences. You give when you have nothing to give sharing the very food on your sparse plate with the many others who have less. Your example... the way you live.... the very acts of kindness, selflessness and generosity truly amaze me. It is my honor and pleasure to have you in my life to call you mine even though we do not share blood... I love you

~ You are a woman of great compassion, love and one who does not hesitate to run to the aid of your family. A woman of great worth... A woman of self sacrifice and a great example to me.  A woman though in pain strives to do her best. A woman who I have very many fond memories of and hold great love and respect for. You gave to me a special and significant gift that I will forever be thankful for and one that I will NEVER forget... A woman whom I am proud and happy to call my own!!! I love you 

# 226 Having you in my life

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day I like to do something for my mothers that is personal and from the heart... My mother-in-law loves flowers and more especially center piece bouquets. Although I am no florist or decorator I attempted at one and she loved it. Her favorite flowers are carnations...

My mother is very sentimental so I made her a painting on a canvas (My son helped paint it) I had each of my siblings give a word that best described our mother and why. then I glued that canvas upon another one with one word affirmations that embodies our mothers attributes then mod podge it all together
Both my mothers loved their gifts. My husband and I split the day between both their homes visiting and celebrating their life on Mother's Day. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I found a new species of black bird in my tree today... I'm so excited...
It's a Raven... but not like any other you have seen lol Just kidding it's a wood carving my brother in law carved for me...If you look really close you can see me reflecting in its eye. I wanted a ruff carved Raven for the top of the walking stick as it's my favorite bird.  They always seem to be talking to me... Everywhere I go they look down at me cawing as if in conversation... Black birds have been my favorite since I was a child. He also made me the walking stick out of Diamond Willow wood. It stands as tall as me and a great help as I walk dirt roads. Now all I have left to do is add a few embellishments and it will be done.

 It's not very big but it is a gift that makes my heart happy! Thank you Bro

Her is another sample of wood carving that my brother-in-law has done. He carves with no training, just a visual model is needed and he makes the magic. He only started carving after he retired a few years ago and is a natural at it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April Date Night

We are getting ready to go on our May date night and just realized that I have not shared our April date night... Here are a few of the highlights

April date night was spent at the Circus... "Circus Circus Casino hotel" to be exact. In 1978 on July 1st The hotel was opened to the public and I was hooked. 

I spent a lot of time there going out on dates (with my now husband) watching the acrobats, sideshows and animal acts but the most fun was had at playing all the games. 

We would challenge each other to see who could win the most prizes I was not quick enough or clever enough to beat him but the sweetheart that he was gave me all his winnings in the end.

I remember this place with many fond memories of a happier time in my youth. In my mind I can still hear, smell and see all the moments with crystal clarity and it makes my heart smile.

On this date night as we stepped over the threshold of the Midway it was like being transported back in time. 

The years melted away
The infirm brought on by age disappeared
The worries of life forgotten 

And just like magic there stood two teenagers holding hands very much in love with anticipation and excitement filling their souls

"What game do you want to try first?" I asked
"What ever you desire" He responds

I smile take his hand and we play, laugh and watch the acrobatics just like we did all those years ago.. This time though I win and win and win again... He cheats in my favor this man of my heart...

I win lots of prizes and laugh and smile and my heart falls in love all over again with my sweet husband and I know that this date thing has more to it than just going out with each other once a month... 

I see that it creates a much stronger bond to the second part of our lives together. One that I had not anticipated as my love for him is already very strong and to feel it grow just amazes me and humbles me all the more. Date night... A night well spent

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

~ Receiving really funny misspelled txts from my mother (I laughed until I cried)

~ The shadows of an afternoon sun playing across the book I am currently reading

~ Relaxation music playing softly causing a sweet peace and calm to enter my heart

~ An afternoon storm releasing the sweet smells of rain

~ Dark clouds filling the sky with lightning as it rains

~ The pitter patter sound that rain makes as it hits the ground

~ The gentle sound of thunder in the distance

~ A cool breeze softly pushing the curtains here and there

~ The caress of the cool breeze against my face as I sit watching the storm pass

~ The color green popping up everywhere as spring continues its dance with the rain

~ Emotions

~ Grandmothers who's legacy's still live on in my heart

~ Sweet tender huggs and love from a great niece

~ Time to read a book

~ Watching rabbits, quail and birds jumping around my yard

~ Warmth of the sun breaking through the storm clouds touching my skin even if only for a moment

~ The love I hold for my sweet sons and their dear wives

# 223 Most especially the deep love I hold dear for the partner of my heart, my life, my husband

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Pineapple plant update

I have been growing this pineapple for almost one year and wanted to show the progress! I am so excited... I have not killed it yet lol You can see even more new growth coming up the center
Quite a bit of growth!
Here is my Jade plant
I am going to have to replant this one before to long as it's to big for the pot! What do you think Diana? 
And last here are my two celery plants... The one on the left is Organic and the one on the right is not... The leaves look much different than the organic one did at this stage "Day 3" But I am really happy and looking forward to planting them just as soon as I  figure out how to keep the very many rabbits hopping around my back yard out of them!