Sunday, August 30, 2015

Granny's Box of Papers

Part 2 of 3

I love looking at the pages of this book! Looking at what the women were interested in wearing, the styles of the day... I love it. Below is a picture advertising a book and guess what... That will be next week.

As I Sit in Heaven

Author of poem unknown... I took the picture at Lake Tahoe last summer

Thursday, August 27, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

My Dearest sweet Amanda... I still struggle with my loss of being separated from you for now. It feels as if I live in a country where the language is so hard to learn and I am failing miserably! But I am still trying... Some days are good and I manage real well, some days not so well but I try. I love this picture of you holding your sweet baby brother! You had such a tight hold on him, you were so excited when you found out that you would be a sister and when you finally got to see loved him from the moment you set eyes on him. He is now almost 31 and doing so well, you would be proud of the man he turned out to be... I am. I can remember this day as if it was yesterday! I remember the touch of your hand, the feel of your huggs the sweet feeling your smile gave to my heart and the joyous sound that your laughter gave to my soul. My baby girl... I miss you with all I have. I love you baby girl

~ Having a deep desire to become pregnant with you

~ And then succeeding

~ Not knowing if you would be a boy or girl

~ Then finding out

~ Being terrified to take you home

~ Then learning that I am actually capable to care, protect, nurture and love you beyond belief

~ Feeling that my love for you could not possible be bigger than the un-measurable size it is

~ Learning that this love has no bounds

~ Experiencing life through your eyes all over again

~ But this time the pleasure is bigger watching through your excitement

~ Seeing you love your brother

~ And watching him love you back

~ Helping you learn

~ Watching you figure it out yourself

~ The tight squeezing huggs you gave to me

~ The feel of your tiny arms around my neck

~ Watching you grow and become a woman

~ Being so proud of that woman

~ The unfaltering love you have for me

~ The smile that lit up the world

~ Having people comment on your sweet spirit

~ The closeness we shared

~ The laughter we shared

~ The piece of my soul you became

~ Feeling like I could lay down and die at any moment for you

~ The realization that I could not

#  368 Having you as my daughter, my friend, my baby girl even if for a short time... I miss you so much baby girl...... Sigh*

Inspired by this lovely lady

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Granny's Box of Papers

A few weeks ago my mom gave me some magazines from my grams collection... Here is the first of three parts

"The Workbasket"

This periodical  as you see was published in 1954 at the high price of 15 cents each. "The Workbasket" has many things for the reader such as...
Thread crafts... Tatted Earrings that I am pretty sure my gram made... She loved to crochet beads and threads to make all kind of wearable items
I have a friend who lives in central California that told me once that Tatting is a lost art... Humm Well I guess it is because I had never heard of Tatting but here is a pattern in this magazine
 A Forum in Flowers and Gardening 
How to make Trellises from Wire hangers... I love this idea
 Want ads
 Directions to make a "Swanky" dish cloth... lol so cute
Even a patterns on the back page for purchase
The magazine also goes on to tell how to make money selling your items after completion and the do's and don'ts while making them. Like "Wash your hands, Take your time, Use quality supplies and not to over charge. I can just see my gram swiping through the pages with ideas flooding her thoughts

Thursday, August 20, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

~ Summer fruit

~ Tantalizing Salads

~ Sweet Root beer my down fall

~ Good books to read

~ Girlfriends

~ A comfortable place to rest my head

~ Helpful co-workers

~ Being able to smell the pine trees everyday on my new route (One of two favorite scents)

~ The other is sage of which I am highly allergic and we have a plethora of here in Reno

~ Soft tissue for allergies

~ Being recognized at work for a job well done

~ Lake Tahoe showing some beginning signs of Autumn

~ Finally getting through the last of the boxes in my front room for storage Yay!

~ Learning new things all the time (Life's lessons... corn cobbettes need I say more LOL)

~ The color blue

~ Getting in touch with friends after 30+ years

~ Random thoughts (I'm thinking of making a short book of random thoughts lol)

~ Much needed "Quiet time"

~ Lemon scented lotion

# 341 A most special visit from a calm and very sweet wild horse in my drive way

Inspired by this lovely lady 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trial gone bad

I have a function coming up a pot luck kind of function and I love to take things that are not new but tried and true! I thought (although I've never done this before) I would try corn cobbettes on the BBQ. My sweet husband made me dinner Sunday night and I thought that I could sneak these on the grill. Well I did not watch them very well and the below product was the outcome lol Opps I guess I left them on too long.... I started to open them and peeked at some black mess... I thought "oh no that can't be good" My next thought was "Well I love burnt popcorn and hot dogs maybe..." Yuck! Nope... burnt corn is terrible! I guess a trial run was just what I needed before I presented these at the party lol Oh well back to the cook books lol

Monday, August 17, 2015

Up Close and Personal

Ohhhhh I had a fun and exciting visit with this herd of horses tonight and one in particular as I stepped out of my car. The pictures are blurry as I was so excited my hands were shaking lol

Here is where it got exciting... This little pretty started down my drive. He didn't stop coming towards me and I was amazed that he kept coming!

 Here he stopped and tried to see if I was a threat or not

When I didn't seem a threat to him he came closer and gave me a small snort and a big sniff. He is standing less than three feet in front of me. I am sure that he wanted some food but we are not allowed to feed them. When I didn't produce he went on his way

Pretty brave little one! I feel so happy that he came up to me but I do have to admit to a momentary start of fear as this is a wild animal and must be about thousand plus pounds. But he was just curious about this funny looking lady lol and hoping to get some food... Our early freeze killed all the wild fruiting trees including ours and other bushes and the drought has killed more of the natural vegetation... and they are hungry. Last year we had people feeding them but one was killed, hit by a car and so they are strictly in forcing the no feeding ordnance. Its sad really... I wish I could help them.