Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Weaver's Heart - One Thousand Gifts

Sorry I've been gone for so long. Life has been interfering with my blogging time. So much has happened since my last post that my head is still spinning lol. Every since I was ten years old I have wanted to do Floor loom weaving. I had gone on a field trip and a woman demonstrated Weaving and I was in love. I never took the time as I grew to follow that love until last weekend. I found the Reno Weavers Guild and joined then took a beginners class! Yay I love it. In June I take two more days to finish. Below is "Warping the Loom." Next month is Threading my loom and then weaving! I am sooooo excited :-)

You cannot tell by the look on my face that I am happy... I should have smiled bigger lol. This is a practice loom and I did pretty well for my first time ever weaving (I hope my arm doesn't break patting myself on the back) :-D
# 659 I had the best day... I can't wait until I've saved enough to purchase my first loom

Friday, May 6, 2016

Pineapple Plant update

First off let me apologize for not cleaning up before I took the pictures below, I was tired and had replanted all my indoor plants. Here is this plant when it first started. It's really growing large and fast so I needed to re-pot it. I still have about two years to go before it fruits! I am so excited
Look at those roots! Looks like a nice healthy pineapple plant!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Thousand Gifts

 ~ A surprise lilac bush beside my bedroom window sending in it's heavenly scent

~ Morning doves greeting me each morning with their mournful cry's

~ Watching the Doves feed their little ones in the nest they built in the tree by my other window (I will try to get pictures but don't want to upset them

~ The beauty of this mornings thunder storm and dark clouds

~ Home made turkey enchiladas by my sweet husband (Very yummy)

# 658 The pure joy my heart still feels each time I see my husband (I love that man)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Plarn Mats

I think that my mother is so clever! She is spending time making Plarn Mat's that can be used for camping, or for the many homeless people here in Reno. It's my mothers goal to hand these out to those who sleep under the night sky along with other useful items. The plarn mat is a very light weight material and another plus in making these mat are that she is up-cycling plastic bags keeping them out of the land fill. Way to go mom! I love it

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sharing Love

Sometimes the biggest and best things in life are small. There are many within my sphere that I love so much!
When my husband was in the hospital he received mail from my Auntie and Uncle. Inside the envelope was this letter

This simple note, one that only took a minute or two to make made a tear appear. (a happy tear)
This message is a tradition that my Auntie does when someone is sick, had surgery and so on. I was so touched that she took the time to do this for Joe. Below is the picture of his band aid that we put on his booboo

Many people surrounded our family to show love and support! I am so grateful for the family and friends that I have in my life. I thank all of you from the depth of our souls for your support xoxo. I hope that I never get the chance to return that favor... But... If needed I will be there for you too Love you all. xoxo

Sunday, April 24, 2016

One Thousand Gifts "Living On The Edge"

That's what my husband says "Living on the edge is the only way to live" Well this past week he almost fell off that edge.
I am very happy that he allowed me to take him to ER. After many tests, 1 surgery and a 6 day stay in the hospital he is home and recuperating.

#652 The blessing of being in a country that has advanced medical care to save my husbands life!
Here is my sweet husband in the hospital trying to smile... When I took this picture he said "Don't put that picture on FB!" SOoooo, I put it here. He was embarrassed about his unshaven face after six days and did not want to look sloppy. I'm just happy he is still alive! The Vascular Surgeon told us on the morning he discharged my sweet man that he would have been dead within two weeks or less had he stayed home. We still have issues to deal with but nothing to bad. He is going back to work on Monday. He had Ministering Angels watching out for him and us this month and I am so grateful for this blessing! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Pitter Patter of Little Ghost Feet

I do believe that we have a playful.... Ghost, spirit or what ever you want to call it. We have two touch lamps in our office that need to be touched to turn on. Often we find them on and no one has turned them on. I have tried bumping them on, touching them on with objects other than skin but nothing works other than touching them with your bare hands. (Please excuse the dust)

Here this morning I found this lamp on and the other off, Two days ago both were on. They have three settings of brightness and are usually on the low setting when mysteriously turned on. One minute they are off and then the next they are on and no one notices it. I am not spooked but my family are. Often when they sit on the back porch they see some one walking into the kitchen. When they come in to see what's going on no one is there. This happens a lot!!! I myself was sitting in the front room one day right next to the door when someone knocked on the wood door. When I opened the door I found that the security door was closed tight and no one was there. When you open the security door to knock it makes a very distinctive noise that was absent that day. Other times when home alone I hear the floor boards in the other room creaking as boots thump across the floor in my direction. Thinking that someone has come home I go out to see who it is... and no one is there. More things happen but nothing scary or harmful. We live in an area that was close to a minors camp during the silver rush days of Virginia City... Maybe they are the haunting's of the men who lived, loved and worked here?
Either way it's fun and makes me smile when I see them on. Someone's way of saying hello
On a lighter note 
I took my Mandy tree to Home Depot today and had them try to figure out what the species was... Drum roll please.... LOL just kidding. They think it is a "River Birch" I think they are right. My little tree needs constant watering or the leaves slightly wilt... I was wondering why a tree needed so much water and such moist soil and now I have my answer. They did give me a bit of warning though... They said that this tree is a fast growing tree and I can believe that. The picture below was taken on Sunday and the one below that is the first picture taken two weeks after valentines day... What a difference
Now I have to find a bigger pot lol

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mandy's Tree, Apples and Thunder Clouds

My Mandy tree is really growing and it makes my heart so happy. I still do not know what it is yet, tree or bush or even the species. I will need to take it to the nursery... I've still not done that yet :-(
Here are some apple buds on our treat tree in the front yard. Last year there were no treats for the horses, not a single apple grew because of a late freeze. This year after it started to bud we had a snow but I hope that this is proof that we will have some apples this year.

Then after a visit to my Auntie and uncle's we came home to sky's turned dark. Then we had rain and thunder... My favorite weather

 It was pretty dark but I love it that way
Happy week everyone.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Daughter of Mine

Daughter of mine

Where do I go, what should I do
When you left me here I broke into two
Shuffling my feet each step filled with pain
Wanting, no needing to hold you again
Wishes and dreams unfulfilled in your life
The void of your loss brings struggle and strife
I weep, I sleep, and I struggle each day
Wanting, no needing, there’re things I would say
The sweet baby angel on loan from the Lord
When he called you back home I felt bereft and forlorn
I know he is with you sharing his light
But each and every day is a continuous fight
Fighting for breath and a reason to live
You come in a dream and beg me, momma live
My dear precious momma let your light shine
You are beautiful and lovely, remember your mine
You held me in sickness, in good and the bad
You gave me a great life so please don’t be sad
I love you my mother with heart soul and might
So please hear me and listen, live life with delight
Delight for the love and the life you gave me
For the life that I lived was perfect, you and me
I love you dear momma so please hear my plea
Find joy in your life while you remember me
Dear daughter my love I hear your sweet voice
I will live my life with love and rejoice
I’m a mother to a daughter so precious and dear
I will live my life love and remember you here
Remember you sweet voice and laughter and song
Remember the good times now that you’re gone
Thank you sweet angel for the love from your heart
Remember sweet angel we’ll never be a part

Written by Eva Spell

Thursday, April 7, 2016

One Thousand Gifts

~ A husband who still after 35 years can make my heart happy

~ Getting off work late only to find that my car has a full tank of gas... Wonder who did that lol

~ Getting home and finding that my car's been smoged and registered :-)

~ A re-organization of the master bedroom... Love the new layout

~ Yay! My auntie is back in town... Hoping to see her Saturday

~ Although my prospect did not work out... I am very happy about the situation I am currently in

~ My auntie just called as I am recording my list! We have a date whoop, whoop, whoop

~ Friends who even if not spoken to in a while can pick right up where we left off

~ A son who cherishes me

~ Sooooo happy that I found a new used bookstore! They have such great books

~ Kristie Baker... A woman helping me through tough issues... Thank you Kristie

~ delicious food from a sustainable restaurant (only one in town)

# 651 A decisive choice made to change things up a little in life that I know will bring joy

Inspired by this lovely lady

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Villain in my book "The Corvidae"

Here is a brief part of the villain in the story I said I would share. This is a rough draft and un-edited so please excuse all errors and enjoy. A bit of warning though my girlfriend felt this was a dark chapter... well maybe but this is his back story. A small bit about his beginnings   


She was at it again, drinking, he despised her for that. At the tender age of 12 Gabriel had experienced more abuse and grief than most grown men had. Anger welled up in his heart, red hot burning anger. Not wanting to get in her way Gabriel shrank backward into the shadows of the hall as she passed. Hopefully she would be too drunk for the beating he usually got when she'd come home, which lately was almost every night.

The stench of booze and a dirty body followed in her wake making his stomach lurch. He covered his mouth to keep from vomiting and swore that this time he would run away for good. He had tried several times in the past to run away but each time his Step mother managed somehow to find him. “This time I’ll make it” he thought. This time he would use what he had learned from his past mistakes to hide from her. The day that Gabriel’s father had married this woman Gabriel had hoped she would love him like a mother. He had never know his own mother as she had died during child birth. But Gabriel’s wish was in vain his new mother was evil.   

Leaning back against the wall Gabriel closed his eyes as tears gently slide down his cheeks. He missed his father so much. Memories flooded his mind memories of the past and the way things used to be. His father was a man that loved life! He made everything they did fun, from playing outside to cleaning the house and even cooking. But the best times that he had with his father were at night. Each night they climbed up the old tree in the back yard and watched the sun go down. Even Gabriel at the tender age of six was taken by the beauty of the night sky as the sun painted its way down disappearing behind the horizon. Life was good then, He was happy then… But… as things sometimes do this did not last long.

Gabriel’s shoulders sagged under the strain of his memories. Gabriel’s father had needed to find work to provide a better living for his son and so he did. One morning Gabriel woke up to a different life, one that would never be the same again.
That day was forever burned in his mind.

Gabriel woke up that morning to the smell of breakfast cooking on the stove and the sound of a woman’s voice talking to his father. Walking half asleep into the kitchen Gabriel climbed into his father’s lap. Giving his son a big hug he nuzzled his neck and said “Son” turning him to see the woman” I want to introduce you to your new mother!” looking into the eyes of his new mother she smiled a broad smile that barely covered a look of distain.

Gabriel pressing back into his father’s chest said nothing nor did his father notice the nasty look on her face as he was looking at his son for a reaction. When none was forth coming his father prodded him saying “Go give your new mother a hug and a kiss.” Uncertainly he climbed down and did as his father bid. As he approached his new mother she held out her arms and waited as he briefly hugged her and then placed a quick kiss on her cheek before running back to his father’s waiting arms. Gabriel’s father tossed him in the air and then grabbing his son he twirled around and around until Gabriel was laughing.

That night when Gabriel’s father tucked him into bed he said “Now Gabriel listen to me, while I am gone you will need to be the man of the house and help your new mother okay” “Why?” asked Gabriel. “I have found a new job and will be gone a while so your new mother will need a man’s help around here with the chores.” “What’s a while father?” “We will see Gabriel, we will see.”

Working at the Castle was a job that only single unmarried and fatherless men could hold that way if they died in battle there were no widows or children left behind.
While interviewing for the job his father had not mentioned his wife and son only distant relatives, while thinking in his mind that it was not too far from the truth after all they were some distance from the castle. When you were in the king’s service you lived at the castle so that would be his new home. He would take a break first chance he got to visit them both and maybe even bring treats. Gabriel’s father wanted to give his new bride all she wanted, A lavish life style he knew would make her very happy. Jewels, clothing and a finely made house filled with precious things where what she wanted no not wanted but needed to be happy.

When Gabriel awoke in the morning his father was gone.

As he watched and waited for his mother to pass he hoped that this time he would go unnoticed and escape the beating that would surly come. His small body was a testament to all the pain and suffering he had borne over the past six years, years that felt like an eternity of abuse, ridicule, scorn, pain and suffering at his mother’s hands. She had at one time tolerated his presents but with the news of her husband’s death she turned into an angry bitter drunken woman who took-out all her anger and frustrations on him. Well that would never happen again as this would be the last time he would see her, he was leaving for good.

Hiking his pack higher on his shoulder he peered into the room that she had just entered and just as he thought… she was passed out halfway on the floor and couch.
Walking as lightly as he could trying not to wake her he crept out of the hall toward the doorway, he halted as he heard her snort, burp and then cough. Looking to make sure that she was not awake he continued his bid for freedom. Hand outstretched and barley touching the door handle he heard a growling scream tear from his mother’s throat “You no good dirty thief, hateful child how dare you even think of leaving me you murderer!”  

Not taking the time to look around Gabriel opened the door and bolted, running harder and faster than he knew he could, unfortunately his mother was just as fast as he was, and in a very short time she caught up with him.

Grabbing a hold of his pack she swung him around knocking him down onto the gravel road kicking at him as he fell. Gabriel cried out in pain as his knee hit the ground hard tearing his pants. Shrugging out of his pack he struggled to his feet and continued running. In her drunken state she fell when he pulled out of the back pack but was soon up and running again. Turning the corner onto a busy street Gabriel hoping to escape his mother’s rage ran into a man and fell down. That was all the time his mother needed, grabbing his hair she pulled him up and started slapping him, kicking him and yelling in his face how much she hated him. The startled man just stood there in quiet shock.

Gabriel felt true fear, fear for his life, fear that she was going to go too far this time and kill him. As she raised her arms to attack him something broke loose in his mind, something that he had been holding back for far too long. Something that he had fought to keep locked down deep inside so as not to be just like her… the woman that he had grown to hate, hate with all his heart… and that was rage, his vision turned red as if the blood had seeped from his brain into his eyes, his heart pumped like a raging bull and his breathing came in short raged breaths. Now his fear drove his rage, the need for survival had kicked in.

Gabriel straightened. Looking hard into the face of the woman, this woman who claimed to be his, he couldn’t even think the word “Mother.” In a fraction of a moment she seen the change. In her drunken state the tingle of fear crept up her neck making her hesitate for a flicker of a moment but she was too drunk and enraged to heed it. She lunged toward him arms outstretched to choke him.

Gabriel as if seeing all this in slow motion now just stepped aside at the right time and she fell face first into the brick building in front of her. Falling to the ground she barely felt the pain as her embarrassment grew and the rage flared. A little surprise showed on her face when she felt the blood running down her cheek. Putting her hand to the side of her face she felt the sticky warmth of her own blood.

Looking up with a murderous glint in her eyes she said “you’ll pay for that one you little maggot.”

The sounds of the street and people around her all quieted as she let rage fill her heart. She knew that she could not allow this demon to live, this person who was responsible for all the hardships in her life, the reason she was so poor and had to do without, not able to purchase all the wonderful things that made a woman pretty, to make her stand out in a crowd and be envied. She was a woman that needed things to make her feel better than other people and she thought that she had secured this with her husband… But now it was all Gone. All she was left with was this little boy, a boy! That was a laugh she thought to herself she hated kids. Never had wanted them but knew that to win Gabriel’s father she needed to pretend that she love him.

Now she had to take care of him, feed him, clothe him and with what? She had nothing her husband had only been gone for one week when she had overheard a conversation two men were having about a tragic accident at the castle and she had wondered if it was him. Walking home that night she found a discarded newspaper and read it. “Guard killed during an exercise drill, a freak accident.” Well that was too much, she had no recourse nor family of her own. She was destitute. Walking home she started planning how to get married again and to who. When she got home, he… Was there. She had forgotten all about him.

This would be a problem she thought, how to get rid of him so that she did not become disgraced by abandoning him. Smiling she thought of a plan. Rubbing her hands together she let out a small giggle then set her evil plan in motion. That had been six years ago and she was still shackled with him.

Pushing to her feet she ran at Gabriel with all the hatred she held in her heart, with all the anger at having to do without, she wanted all the material things in life that she did not and could not have. This little maggot who was a constant reminder of her late husband, a man that she could no longer have, a man who’s love she would never feel again and who left her without a penny to her name to raise a boy that was in her mind a second by second reminder of what she would never have again in life. She put all that hate into her heart and hurtled her body at the cause of all her sorrows in this life.

Gabriel saw the look of murderous rage in her eyes and readied himself for it. Gabriel watched his mother come at him with a look of pure hatred on her face and knew in his heart that this was it, this was the time, it was live or die, it was going to come down to him, or her.

Gabriel noticed two things as his mother came at him. One was that the people who were at one time standing still in shock, now were trying to intercede on his behalf and second with his back facing the street if he could step out of the way again at that right moment as she reached him then maybe, just maybe he would get out of this alive. But he knew that she would not be so careless this time. One thing about his mother was even in her drunken state she would not be so stupid again. she would not fall for the trick again. But today luck would be on his side. During their tussle his mother's dress had torn leaving shreds of lace and fabric hanging down in front of her. 

She was close now reaching for his throat. Her hands inches from the target, she was grinning with triumph spittle dribbling from her lips. She growled pushing all her weight into the task. Gabriel knew he was dead but fate intervened.  

As Gabriel's step mother reached him she started to stumble and then she tripped. Gone was the rage replaced by surprise. Having tripped on the torn shreds of her gown rocketing herself forward plowed Gabriel over and propelled herself into the cobble stone street. 

Untimely and very unfortunately for her and to the surprise of all standing there that day she fell right into the path of a very large and fast moving horse drawn coach and so ended her drunken rage and hatred of her son Gabriel. 

Gabriel laying sprawled on the ground could not see what had just happened. He sat up shaking his head trying to stop the very loud ringing that was the only thing he could hear. Trying to stand up he failed and as the world shifted he passed out.

The last thing Gabriel heard just before passing out was a man yelling for “someone to go and get the doctor” and then another saying “no doctor will be able to help his poor woman she’s dead.”

Written by Eva Spell

Thursday, March 31, 2016

One Thousand Gifts

~ The smell of fresh growing pine trees basking in the suns light

~ An opportunity to help so many

~ Working with an amazing woman who has been offering her assistance in specific areas for me

~ A Rose bush a gift from my husband... He knows that I miss my rose bushes in California

~ Time for meditation

~ The honor of knowing a wonderful man who will be missed by his family, community and us

~ Gel ice packs.... A wonderful invention that my back appreciates

~ Three brand new babies born in our family in the last four months

~ Finding four cousins I have not met yet and through technology communicating with them

~ My first story started over 4 years ago gaining momentum. I wish I had more time to write the stories ruminating around in my head. Maybe I will share a paragraph this weekend...? maybe

~ Annabella, Kirarah, Niki, Gwen, Amanda, Colleen all very real and alive in my brain as I continue their adventures.

~ I love to write! If I could write all day I would (it matters not if I am any good, I love to create and writing allows that!

#638 A beautiful orange tabby cat living in our back yard under the shed...(a new story? humm) In the three years we have lived here I've never seen a cat. I will try and protect him as there are wild coyotes in our neighborhood. He will help with the mice population too!

Inspired by this lovely lady

Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring is in the Air... Well kinda

Every flowering bush or tree has started its beautiful explosion of color. I love to see all the beauty that surrounds us this time of year.

 My Easter Lilly
Well.... This is what I woke up to this morning... '0' I was so surprised. I absolutely love the snow but now my horses will have no apples again this summer Grrrrrrrr poor baby's. If it wasn't illegal to feed them I would put apples out morning and night, but we have had to many wild horses killed because they get spooked by cars and then get run over.

 below the tree in the middle is one of the apple trees... It just started to bud

My husky loves to roll around in the snow... My Shi Tzu would stay inside all day if he didn't have to... well you know what dogs do lol
See all my pretty flowers... aw... too bad they will all be gone when the snow stops in three days. Over night we went from no snow to eight inches and it's not suppose to stop until Wednesday

Thursday, March 24, 2016

One Thousand Gifts

~ More snow fall this past week

~ Hot weather staved off for another week or more

~ The privilege and honor to have known such a special man

~ The Gospel

~ A gathering of love and support

~ A new book to read

~ A burden lifted

~ Warm Organic honey, lemon, ginger tea

~ Little love notes from my Sweet man

~ Fresh garden salad

~ Diner out with my Sweet man

~ Sleeping with my window open to enjoy the coldness before the summer arrives

# 625 Willing, helpful and loving family

Inspired by this lovely lady

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Organic Honey w/Lemon and Ginger

I will not list all the benefits you get from honey, Lemons and Ginger but I know it helps nausea, has antibacterial properties and helps your skin. So when my mother had surgery and the pain meds made her nausiated I made us both a batch.

Little did I know that I would need it myself this morning . I was very pleasantly surprised how fast the nausea subsided and then went away.

I took a generous table spoonful of the honey mix added it to a cup of hot water.
A couple sips later and I received relief and by the time the cup was empty... The nausea was gone! Yay... Nausea is the worst

Here is a link to instructions on Pinterest the are petty much the same.

The only note I would add is turning the jar a couple times a week will keep it mixed also stir it before use. It will last two months in the refrigerator... Good stuff