Saturday, April 18, 2015

Base Ball Season

It is baseball season here and my little niece is playing I am so happy to watch her play. It was a pleasure to surprise her today showing up unannounced. She ran up to me and gave me a hug. She loves her uncle Joe too! He always has candy. When she comes to our house for a visit she runs to his hiding place to get into his stash... She is the only one who knows where it is lol In this last picture my niece is tired and ready to have the game over... She did great though running around and paying really good attention. That is a good thing at her age... I had a really good day watching them all play

Thursday, April 16, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

~ Living in a neighborhood where people still use wood burning stoves... The smell is sooo good. Reminds me of my childhood when we went camping almost every weekend in the summer

~ My BFF is back on the internet! Woo Hoo.... 

~ Received my great nieces baseball schedule for the summer and really excited to watch that little one play ball

~ More snow... I love snow...

~ Tulips growing in spite of the snow falling

~ Caught up on a bunch of rest on my days off... Much needed rest

# 209 Special love notes to me from my sweet husband... Yep he's a keeper lol

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

March Date Night

Oh boy the time is flying so fast I cannot keep up. I find that my moments for blogging are fewer than I would like but that is life! Ever changing, ever flowing weaving in and out and in between those around us interacting and sharing. That makes the journey of life worth it don't you think? So... On to our date night. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of us at the theater as they do not allow cameras inside but we had a really fun night watching the movie "Cinderella" not the cartoon but the movie. I LOOOOOVVVVED IT. I would like to purchase the movie when it comes out. But what was really cool is the place where we watched the movie
The "Imax" built a new theater at the Legends mall. This place has reclining seats and swivel snack trays for your favorite snacks. Oh man! What a comfortable place to watch a movie. No one in my back with their knees, no one walking on my feet as they leave and come back in during the movie!!! Even when reclined there is room to walk past without me putting up my seat and the best part it only cost me $8.00's a person... Wow I am going here from now on so cool. Now on to our April date night.... Hehe I am really excited about this one. It brings back childhood memories and I am ready! I will share with you later...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

~ A fun but quite Easter

~ Easter crock pot dinner always a delight

~ The many pretty colors of Easter eggs

~ Watching a special Easter program that inspires my soul

~ A visit to a special place to spend time in memory of loved ones passed

~ Family with all their idiosyncrasies, personalities, quarks and fun loving traits towards each other

~ A deed done for my husband and I that will forever be appreciated by two people that I love very much!

~ Another date night filled with memories made and fun had

~ A life so full with many, many things to absorb my time leaving no room for a pity party (Yay)

# 202 Snow! Pure white snow falling as I drive... I love snow!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Where did the snow go?

 I knew by the look of these clouds I would see snow
 And here it was

Then as fast as it came it was gone... Today was a really great day! I love the snow and was able to drive through much of it. I was surprised it didn't last to long. In the picture below on the left is the park at 8:30 am. The pic on the right is the same park at 2:00 pm..... Wow! I was sure that the snow would last a bit but it dried up so fast. I sure had a fun day driving through the snow today!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

They Are Back

I have been waiting for the wild horses to show back up and they have! Yay. I haven't glimpsed the ones in our neighborhood yet. We came across this herd on our way to my parents house tonight. In this first picture this horse was standing as a sentry guard. At his alert the herd moved up the hill a little but when he started grazing in the picture below they stopped and continued to eat! I love horses. I am anxious to see our herd this year and see if there are any new little ones like last year.

 In the picture below you can see a young foal... So sweet

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Granny's Box of Papers

In Gram's box of papers I came across this program from 1944 where she worked serving our military men a Christmas dinner. She worked as a Civil Service servant for our military men way back then. Here is a copy of a program for dinner that night (My mom was 3)
A very nice dinner for sure
And here is her name Vinita Jilek named so at that time. This invitation adds some color to what she did and also adds a bit more history and understanding for me about her. I think of her answering the call to duty for our country and trying to do her part for our countrymen. Well Gram... I never knew this about you but I am so proud!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Granny's Box of Papers

It's truly amazing the amount of things that Gram kept... Although most things were tossed when she passed I have bits to go through. Here are a couple things I found.

Records were important to her and she kept announcements and invitations like birth and weddings from everyone so that she could remember dates and such. You could make a time line with all the records she kept

Here in the "My record of my children" are a couple examples of things she recorded

First off I am finding out that my gram was quite a social butterfly Here in 1940 she belonged to a society called "Rebekah's Lodge" I am unsure what that was... Do you know Uncle & Auntie???

Also in this book are lists of things pertaining to all three of my grams children including my mother,You know things like weight and Dr apt's and such but here are some fun things for each

My uncle being grams first child told her at the age of four that his girlfriend was Mary Joe... I wonder if that was a neighbor

My mother the second child of my gram sang "happy birthday to me" at the age of three at her own birthday party

The last child of my Gram was my uncle (Whom is passed and I miss terribly) I have a  conversation between him and his gram after coming home from school one day

Gram: Where is your lunch pail?
Uncle: Didn't I bring it?
Gram: No, you didn't
Here uncle takes off out of the house and ran up the hill toward the school and after a bit of time came back and said
"Gram, lunch pails sure can hide good I had a awful time trying to find that one"

My uncle was such a joker always having everyone laugh when he visited us.

I love that my gram saved these things but I sure wish that I could have seen them while she as alive so that we could talk and share such treasures...

More next week

Thursday, March 26, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

~ Lovely Sunrise this morning

~ A sister doing her best to care for her family... I see you sis... You are the best!

~ A fun visit with my sister and mother... A standing date each month

~ Spying a spider basking in the sun in a hallway, I would have taken him outside but he ran away

~ That same spider inspiring me to write another book... A children's story book

~ A nudge from fellow blogger encouraging me to take up a dream long ago given up on... Painting

~ A home made walking stick gifted to me by my brother in law for my new hobby... Hiking! 

~ Being to busy to feel bored

~ The opportunity to pass on the art of crochet... a great pass time

~ A good review at work

# 192 Ice Cream.... Shh I am not suppose to eat ice cream... Yummy 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lazy Day Stills

 St. Patty's Day 
 Spring, Springing 

 Baby Jade shoot
 Hummmm, Which color to paint with

 My new mountain climbing stick
 Diamond wood
 My sweet puppies
Happiness in the living of my daily life

Saturday, March 14, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

~ Spring time really blooming in our little corner of the world

~ The continued progress of the healing process after a ruff start the the new year

~ A precious son although living so far away is never to busy to talk to me

~ Messages that bring to mind that there really are good people out there who care

~ Women gathered to clean the church and then sharing breakfast together

~ The love and support of women who listen, care and share with each other

~ Long time friendships

~ A really special young man getting married to a wonderful woman

~ His sister giving birth to her first child and becoming a beautiful mother (she has the best example)

~ Excitement over things done and time spent with my special husband 

~ Crunch 'n Munch... What more do I have to say

~ Clean and happy puppy's running around to get dirty again... Fun to watch

~ Comfort of a best friend who's attention has kept me up through some pretty bad times

~ The beauty of the sun poking its rays through the clouds and feeling warm on my skin (my personal spotlight today saying your a child of God)

~  Long talks, shared love, plans made and executed... now reaping the rewards

# 181 Having knowledge enough to help someone who is confused with certain technology even though I am not the best at it myself

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Granny's Box of Papers

Class Autographs
I discovered my grams autograph book from school and it made me smile! I found out some things about my grandmother that I did not know

Gram Class of 1928... But no where does it say the name of the school but I think it was central high
Gram belonged to the "Young people's meeting" and "Girls League" I would love to ask her what were the meetings about. And I never knew she played the Violin and saxophone! She did try and teach us girls piano but it never took
Gram was class president!?!?!?! Wow, I never new that! She was a shy person and didn't like to draw attention to herself
Elsie Gray and Ethelyn Hurd where two people she kept in touch with for as long as I knew her. Ethelyn Hurd was the sister of her sister in law when she married my grams brother. And for sports? Basketball and Volley ball? wow...
School Yell how cute is that, I don't remember our high school having a school yell

Grams book is completely filled out with autographs like these two... Such fun words in her book. I will share some of them
Dear Vinita,
1. When you are married and live across the lake send me a piece of your wedding cake. Yours truly with love Pete (no last name but gram has a picture of a Pete with his arm around her... could have been her bo)

2. May your life be like a snowflake. Leave a spot but not a stain. with love from your S.L. teacher Mrs Hurd. (I wonder if Mrs. Hurd was her sister in laws mother)

3. Let your life have just enough clouds to make a beautiful sunset Ethelyn Hurd P.S. Yours till the Statue of Liberty has red headed twins (haha so funny)

4. As you go sliding down the banister of life please remember there are splinters your friend Katherine

5. Remember me early, remember me late, remember me as your dear class mate. Elsie Gray

6. Remember me and bear in mind that a good true friend is hard to find. Homer Bryant

7. When you are old and mending britches think of me between the stitches Tom Patterson

8. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Vinita pushing a baby carriage. Your all step ins, step outs. Mildred Patterson

9. Vinita now, Vinita ever, Sparks now, but not forever. Yours till the Statue of Liberty floats down Broadway

10. Your book is a garden spot where in each friend may sow, I plant the seed for-get-me-not and hope that it may trow. yours till the Pacific ocean has permanent waves . Your true friend Lela Hall

11. When you are married and your husband is cross, get the broomstick and show him your boss. Yours truly Harold Newham

12. When you are married and have twins, Don't come to my house for safety pins. Mary Carter

13. When you are married and live across the river, I'll come to see you in my little red fliver. Yours till the flowers cease to bloom in the spring Lila Ernestine Gigap

14. I wish you health and happiness, I wish you gold in store, I wish you heaven after death, What could I wish for you more Josephine Thomas

15. Mary had a little goat she feed it on tin cans and when the little goat's came they came in Ford sedans. Wilma McBride

16. When you get old, and cannot see, put on your specs and think of me Your friend Vilma Evans

17. Round is the ring that has no end, so is my love for thee my friend Your friend Vernon Whittenberg

18. In the album kept by angels with its leaves of massive gold, may your name be found written where its pages shall unfold. Your loving pal Marjorie Hall

19. Mary had a little lamb her father shot it dead and now Mary comes in to school between two chunks of bread Yours Truly Oleta Sparks (hahaha That was my grams sister)

20. There was an old man who was very famous he said," count to ten, when you are angry, before you speak to succeed it might be well to follow his advice, Sir Hermano (this was signed by her older brother Ted...)

21. Alas, Alas, I am to dumb to write anything down on your album, Ted (My great uncle Ted was a big prankster)

22. When you are married and live across the river and your husband grumbles come over to my house and eat applesauce your friend Irvana Hall

23. When the golden sun is setting and your thoughts are far and free, when of others your are thinking will you sometimes think of me? Your friend Helen Harrington

24. As you are floating down the stream of life in your little bark canoe may you have a jolly ride with just room enough for two. Yours till Niagara falls Adda Gott Childress

25. In your fire place of friendship count me as a glowing ember. Your friend Julia R. Gallegos

26. Long may you live, Happy may you be, loved by all but most by me. Your friend Rose

27. Its the little things that separate us from success not the big ones. Gladys Guillet

28. Upon this page I'll write my name and when you read it think of the same. Your sister Genevieve

29. Vinita is her name, Single is her station, happy be the little man that makes the alteration, Your friend always Pearl Sweetman

30. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if Pete won't have you then I must. Yours only for always Gene Hensley

It was so fun for me to read all the saying written for my gram! It makes me wonder if what she wrote in others autograph books?