Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Decoration

I love crafts and decorating... I always have but I have to say that I admire my daughter in law and her knack to pull it all together in a very cute way. I visited my son and daughter in law last weekend and here is her handy work

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beach Wedding & 500th Post

How fun for this to be my 500th post... I have two sons and two years ago my son and daughter in law were married in California
And Last month my other son was married up at Lake Tahoe at Sand Harbor
This cold day started out at 41 degrees, windy with sprinkles every now and then but the real bad weather stayed away and did not start until we were leaving... Snow and thunder storms with a lot of rain. But during our time at the lake the weather did not in any way dampen the fun and enthusiasm from everyone there... It was a truly great day and... It was caught on the news as a wedding that took place at the lake despite the weather, how cool was that...