Six Months Time

2016/2017 It is amazing that it's only been 6 months that I have been MIA here on my blog. I feel as if a whole life time has passed by...
I have been very busy living and loving life to the best of my ability 
In my effort to be more present I thought starting with my

Not Gone

I am still here although you do not see me as much... I have found that I have almost no time here on my blog anymore. I am spending all my free time writing, weaving and playing with this new app. It's called "Enlight" all the pictures below are real pictures with filters added... I have been having so much fun. I thought I would share a few.   1. sky with mountains in back ground
 2. two skyline pics
 3. A cloudy day with sun going down at night
 4. Mountains with clouds, took another sunset pic to make the planets
 5. same pic as above just flip-flopped
 6. Two pics One upside down with autumn trees and the other a sunset
 7. Sky of a sunset
 8. My Mandy tree flip-flopped
 9. The grey is a cloudy pic, the color is clouds turned into graffiti
 10. Just some flowers flip-flopped with a portrait inside
 11. Simple painting filter
 12. Same flowers as above with pic added and painting filter
 13. Same pic over lapping three times then cropped the top right corner
14. Dis…

The Love of a Grateful Son

Looking through the pictures I have taken over the last year I came across a screen shot message from my son that he sent me on Christmas day 2015. It brought back tears as it did the day he sent it. Somehow I managed raise a beautiful young man in spite of all my short comings as a parent. I miss the opportunity of seeing you sweet pea but I am very grateful that we can talk everyday.
# 739 Appreciation given by a thankful child Dec 25 2015  As I sit here and eat my breakfast on Christmas morning, I want you to know that I am filled with joyful memories of my childhood. I am truly blessed to have the parents that I have. I know that you guys always did everything you could do for us kids, and the memories you helped create for me will stay with me forever. Although it's sad I don't get to see you and give you a hug today, you and dad are in my thoughts and heart. Merry Christmas mom and dad and know that I love you very much.

Potted Sunshine (One Thousand Gifts)

Yellow is usually not a color that I use or purchase things in but these flowers my daughter-in-law planted are sooooooo pretty. I had to take a picture and make this my PC wallpaper. I remember when I was little girl being asked which of all the colors was my favorite. I didn't want to limit myself so I thought about it for a bit and said "All of them." and I still stand by that today.

#738 These flowers feel like a day in a meadow filled with sunshine... For today my favorite color is Yellow! What's yours?

Living a Full Life

I find myself too busy these days to spend a lot of time here... With winter and the approaching Holidays I will hopefully be here more. Here is a bit of what I have been doing ; Writing, Writing and more writing... Gotta get this done for a friend Ann Teva is a name my nephew gave me when he was small it stands for Aunt Eva lol he is so cute A new app on my phone that I LOOOOOOVVE called Enlight well worth the money I paid for it
My Mandy tree growing and thriving outside but a small bug has been using it as his own personal dinner plate :-( My dear sweet husband... I am still laughing at his humor. I am never bored with him around.
Him; Hey there is an El Poro Lorco here
Me: What? I can feel bubbles of laughter starting here but waiting to see if I heard him right
Him; Look there is an El Poro Lorco
Me; There are no R's in El Pollo Loco.... laughter is starting to escape
Him; There is when I say it
I laughed so hard... it makes me smile still thinking about it... I love him so

One Thousand Gifts

Magically hanging leaf... just kidding, can you see the spider web?  Love this picture because it captures many things The weather A unique truck Inside my environment while working A gander of what's behind me and... A moment in my life recorded :-)  The return of evening storms  The beauty my eyes behold... Grateful for sight  A childhood treat I shockinly found still in production. If you find one give it a go  Trees all over the Sierra Mountain Range fruiting this year  I NEVER! Get tired of these special notes left for me to find.   A secret re-construction of my fathers trailer! He was pleasantly surprised It only took a little bit of Paint, new wood, some soldering, new reflectors, new electrical wiring, new studs, new tires and a weeks worth of labor, Phew.... Well worth it for the best father around   The startling white of this Hibiscus flower, gorgeous   The last bit of snow left on Mount Rose  More evening thunder, lightening and rain... My fav time of year And finall…